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Will Foodini - a 3D food printer - "fit in" with other appliances in a home kitchen?

Even though we are currently targeting professional kitchen users, we often get asked how Foodini will look at home. Will it blend in as a normal (yet new!) kitchen appliance? Or will it stand out like a sore thumb?... as the saying goes. The Netflix movie Mute gave us a glimpse of what Foodini will look like in a home kitchen in the year 2058. But what about today?

As a co-Founder of Natural Machines, I'm one of the few people to have a Foodini in my home kitchen. And it's a galley kitchen - that means small. Should Foodini work in a small kitchen, it can work in any size kitchen.

If I do say so myself, Foodini looks right at home. It blends in with the other kitchen appliances. So much so that when we have guests visiting, they will literally walk right by Foodini without even noticing it - sometimes several times.

To us, this is great! That means Foodini looks like it belongs... it does not stand out as something that isn't suited to be in a home kitchen.

Note that guests don't notice Foodini only if Foodini is powered off, as seen in this picture (all other appliances are powered off here as well.) When Foodini is on and/or printing, people do notice due to the full color flat screen control panel. And when Foodini is printing, it always attracts attention. :-)

From the day we started Natural Machines, we built Foodini to be a food appliance. Meaning, it's been created specifically to work with food and it's made from food-grade/safe materials. But we also built Foodini to be a sleek kitchen appliance, designed to fit and be at home in any kitchen. People will be proud to have Foodini in the kitchen, both from the physical design and the functionality.

Full disclosure (again!), I’m co-Founder of Natural Machines, the makers of Foodini: a 3D food printer. Foodini makes all kinds of savory and sweet foods using fresh, real ingredients. With Foodini, this is real food... 3D printed.

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