Insights 02 3D Hello

Want to quickly understand the concept of 3D printing?

Not everyone knows what 3D printing is... yet!

For those that don’t get it, and want to be “in-the-know”, here is a very brief, simple description of the concept of 3D printing.

Visualize a regular printer that prints ink on a sheet of paper, like the photo on the left, below.

Now imagine that piece of paper gets stuck in your printer, and it keeps printing the word “hello” over and over and over again, building up layer after layer, until you end up with something like the photo on the right:

It’s “hello”....with height!

Now this wouldn’t happen in an ink jet printer with normal ink, but it WILL happen in a 3D printer with plastic as the ink, as used for the hello in this picture. It will also happen with food in a 3D food printer - such as Foodini!

And now you know the concept of 3D printing. :-)

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