Insights 04 Throw Away This Notion

Throw away this notion about 3D food printers

Some people tend to have a preconceived notion that with 3D food printers, whatever comes out of the printer is the final dish. Perhaps it needs to be cooked, but for the most part it’s done.

I ask you to throw away that notion.

Think about a dish like this: A grilled steak (or grilled Portobello mushroom as a veggie option!), mashed potatoes, and broiled asparagus.

How did you prepare those foods? By using a few different kitchen appliances: a grill for the steak (or mushroom!), the stovetop to boil potatoes, and the broiler for the asparagus. Three kitchen appliances: grill, stovetop, broiler. And that was just to make your one dinner plate.

The same could be said for a dish prepared with a 3D food printer. The 3D food printer (like Foodini!) can be a kitchen appliance used to contribute to the creation of a dish.

Sometimes a 3D food printer will be the only kitchen appliance you need. At other times, you may use additional kitchen appliances in conjunction with your 3D food printer to make your dinner. And yes, at times you might not use a 3D food printer at all to make your dinner. (Remember, our proposition is not to say that everything you eat should be 3D printed, just like everything you eat now doesn't come out of an oven.)

Once you think about a 3D food printer as one of your kitchen appliances that can be used to create a dish, perhaps with other kitchen appliances helping out, then the variety of dishes that you can imagine being created with a 3D food printer grows tremendously.

I leave you to think about all those dishes... :-)

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