Insights 03 Think Not Eating 3D Food Now

Think you’re not eating 3D printed food now?

A recent article about 3D food printers becoming the next big thing sooner than you think, said the following: “Now if we could only get comfortable with the idea that our food is getting extruded.”

Actually, if you are eating any processed, packaged, pre-made food, you're pretty much eating food that is extruded. After all, extruded food is mainly food that is forced through machinery and shaped. That’s what a food manufacturing facility does; that’s what Foodini (our 3D food printer) does.

In a food processing factory, the food might be extruded in a slightly different way, but take a look at videos that show how a food manufacturing line functions. Food is pressed, shaped, formed, and extruded through machines.

Having a Foodini is like have a mini-food manufacturing appliance in your kitchen, on your countertop. Except here's the big difference: with Foodini, you can print with fresh, real, wholesome ingredients, as Foodini ships with empty food capsules. That's a big difference versus manufactured foods that have additives, preservatives, chemical sounding ingredient names, and too much SOS (salt, oil, sugar).

So in essence, we already are eating extruded food, if you eat any type of packaged, processed food. So the “jump” to eating extruded 3D printed food isn’t really as big as one might think. Instead of a jump, it’s actually more of a step. :-)

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